Can you create a place to add a photo of drivers license on a contract?



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    Rocky Dohmen

    Hi Mark, 

    The main PandaDoc application does not have any sort of Government ID verification built-in, However, we recently released a new product called PandaDoc Notary. Now, even if you would not need these documents notarized, you can use the identity verification that is crucial to this application. There wouldn't be any noted area on the document or signature certificate that the identification was verified, but that information would live in the Journal of the signing session. 

    The flow would be to send the document/signing session to the recipient. They click to begin the session and then verify their identity. After this you both would join to sign and complete the document. 

    For more information about this product please follow this link:

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    Sandi Chapman

    Why not use the Collect Files field to allow them to upload a photo of their driver's license from their photo library?


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    Christopher Ragland

    Hello Sandi,

    Thanks for reaching out via the Forums!

    It is possible to use the Collect Files Field to collect a driver's license image. The Collect Files Field supports the following file types: .jpg, .png, .gif, .mp4, zip, .docx, .pdf, .xlsx, .csv, .pptx. The maximum file size is 50mb.

    To reference Rocky's comment above, if there is a need to complete a formal Government ID verification process, then PandaDoc Notary would be a great option. 

    Thank you for choosing PandaDoc!

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