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    Rocky Dohmen

    UPDATE January 12, 2022:

    Recently PandaDoc added this ability to the standard Table Block. You can now merge cells horizontally (same row). Simply, click on the cell, hold down the Shift key, click on the other cells needed, and then select the 'Merge Cells' icon located in the floating menu:

    Additionally, you can undo cell merges. Click the cell and then select the 'Unmerge cells' icon in the floating menu:

    As of right now there is no ETA on being able to merge cells above or below (other rows), nor is there any ETA on adding this ability to the Pricing Table Block.


    Original response...

    Hi Michael, 

    Unfortunately at this time, there is no way to merge cells within a PandaDoc Table or Pricing Table. However, this is a very popular request and we would suggest adding this or voting on it over at our Idea Portal - our Dev team looks at this constantly and a lot of our newest features have come directly from customers. 


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    Theodor Harmse

    Hi there, is there any update on being able to merge cells vertically (in the same column)?  We use this in MS Word but can't get this to work in PandaDoc.  The reason for this requirement is that we group certain parts of a table together so that we don't have to repeat text. Many Thanks, Teddy

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    Christopher Ragland

    Hello Teddy,

    Thank you for your comment here. 

    A feature request regarding this functionality has been submitted to our Product Team. I don't have any updates to provide at this time. I apologize for the trouble.

    You can click here to access the request and submit another vote, add any additional comments you'd like, and subscribe to receive updates regarding the status of the request.  

    Thank you for choosing PandaDoc!

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