Multi-Line Values In Variables



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    Kamari Ross

    Hello Neil!

    Unfortunately, variables won't honor formatting of text that may come from a CRM. The best way to overcome this problem is:

    1. To copy and edit the body of text on a separate platform. Let's say Mac Notes or Microsoft word.
    2. Using the tab button space out the sentences, bullet points, or paragraphs in the format you desire.
    3. Create or update the variable by pasting the edited version into the variable content slot

    If anyone has other workarounds we would love to hear your solutions in the comments section!

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    Permanently deleted user

    Are there any known methods using the API?  Char() values or anything similar that can be popped in to the variable? Thanks Chris

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    Hey Chris, 

    Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible via API either. I would suggest adding this to our Idea Portal. The Dev team uses these suggestions as a guide as to what to tackle next. 


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