PandaDoc: Using the Document Expire Date Variable



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    Christopher Ragland

    Hello George,

    Thank you for your comment here. I understand the ability to customize the exact expiration date and time is important for your team. After consulting with my team, I can confirm this functionality isn’t available at this time. I do apologize for the trouble here.

    A feature request that aligns with this functionality has been submitted in our ideal portal to our product team. You may submit another vote for the request and subscribe to receive updates regarding the status here

    We appreciate this feedback so we can continue to improve the product to better serve you. 

    Thank you for choosing PandaDoc!

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    George Usi

    What we consider as a requirement is a customization of exact expiry date and time in our own time zone... for example, instead of, "The document will expire on January 1, 2023," what would be preferred is the ability to specify in expiration so the template message reads, and the document actually expires at an exact time on a specific date referencing a specific time zone.  For example: "The document will expire at 1700 hours Pacific Time on January 1, 2023."  Any references to support links that help me make that happen are greatly appreciated.  If unable, I would like to request that Pandadoc make this a critical "fix" since it puts certain industries at legal risk in public sector conditions when RFPs requires that a proposal be available and honored for contracting by "close of business" (ie: 5pm) in a specific time zone when utilizing leveraged procurement master terms and conditions required by the public sector entity being sold to. 

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