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    Rocky Dohmen

    Hi Marcus! Thanks for your post. Personally, I like the Stripe integration the best - maybe because it was our original payment gateway :)

    The advantage of the Stripe gateway is the ability to use ACH payments, but you can only accept funds in USD and only from U.S. bank accounts. Both Stripe and PayPal offer the same percentage rates + a 30¢ per successful charge and PayPal is easier to use when doing business out side of the US. 

    The integration with Quickbooks is interesting. PandaDoc has two versions. There is the native integration which you can find in the Payment Gateway section of your PandaDoc Settings that just accepts payments outright. And then there is the Zapier integration version that you will find listed under the Integration section in Settings. This version will take products from the pricing table and create an invoice within Quickbooks which you can then send from Quickbooks for payment. 

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