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    Rocky Dohmen

    Hi Judy, 

    For this we would use the Signing Order functionality, in the template create a third role for the second signing action. Once all three roles are on the template, enable Signing Order and arrange the signers as needed.  

    When the document is created, add the first person signing, the second signer, and then for the new role add the first person again. But this is where it gets a little tricky. Since the system will recognize the email address as being the same contact as the first signer it will ignore the signing order and force them to sign both signature fields. 

    To get around this, we advise adding a +1 to the contact email. For example: the first signer role is assigned to '' for the third roles, the email address would be '' - this would be a 'new' contact with the same first, last names but different email address. jon.smith+1 email will go into the jon.smith@ inbox. 

    This workaround might not work for all email platforms, but we know it works for Gmail hosted domains

    We will keep this post updated if a better solution becomes available. 

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