Connecting a signed Contract to a Hubspot Deal



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    Tricia Timney

    Great question! You can link a document sent from PandaDoc to a Hubspot Deal using our Link to Hubspot feature.

    1. In your PandaDoc tab, open the document, then click the HubSpot icon on the right. Please note the document must be in Draft status. 

    2. Click “Link” and you’ll be prompted to select a deal from your HubSpot account. Choose a deal and click “Link.” (Note that you’ll be unable to search deals here.)

    Hopefully, this helps! 

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    Jason Godfrey

    Thank you for you answer. I believe that will do the trick. I have forwarded to our Sales Rep.

    I will keep you updated, but it looks like the exact page I was looking for!! :)

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    Ryan Tremblay

    Does this also add a copy of the signed PDF into Hubspot?

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