Sharing a Document: Link Sharing vs Email



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    JP O'Hanlon

    In addition to the two ways mentioned here, Forwarding has been useful as well.  At times, the final signer out of multiple signers has not yet been established, so using a 'generic' email allows me to direct to the correct signing party when I know who it will be. 

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    Ryan Villanueva

    'Share via link' is a big control weakness for us. Think of a situation where the finance team needs the approval of a document from the manager. One of the finance team members himself can copy the link, open the link in another browser window and complete the digitally signing/approval process. The document will show that it is signed by the intended person with the right email and other details. There is no way we can stop it from happening. In my opinion, at least an option to disable this feature should be availble at the admin level.

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