How to pre-fill roles using CRM tokens?



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    Rocky Dohmen


    Hi Karlo,

    To pull over contact information from Pipedrive you would use the Role-Based Variables. Below I have a template with the Role of 'Contact', so I have added those available variables to the template:

    In Pipedrive, make sure there is a contact associated with the Deal and you will be able to pull over any of the basic field information (First/Last Name, Email, Company, Phone, etc.)

    When the document is created the variables should be populated without issue:

    Additionally, you can use the Person variables to pull over additional or custom field information. Click the three dots at the top right and select 'View Tokens'. Once the page loads click on 'Person' and highlight the variable from bracket to bracket and copy, then paste it in the Template. 

    For more information on the Pipedrive integration click here

    *Unfortunately, unlike our Salesforce Integration, there is no way to pre-assign the Role based on the contact

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    Karlo Meniano

    Thank you!

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