Can I turn of signature certificate?



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    Hi Osman,

    Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off the Signature Certificate as it is part of the verification, legality, and security process behind the eSignature. The certificate shows the exact time the document was signed and completed, by whom, and their IP address. 

    However, the certificate only appears if the document is printed or in the PDF download. 

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    Scott Winter

    I just need electronic signatures from team members on documents.  It's not that official.  When it comes to documenting, can't PandaDoc store that electronically rather than in the actual document?  I'll echo the sentiment to at least make it an option to turn on/off or "show/don't show?"  I find it obnoxious and unnecessary for my purposes. 

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    Sharon Ramiro

    It would be great to integrate the certificate number on the actual document like docusign.

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