Mass Assign Fields in Template to Roles.



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    Rocky Dohmen

    Hi thanks for the feedback, please be sure to add this to our User Voice where we collect user ideas and others can vote on them as well. 

    While there is no way to select and assign Fields in the way you've described. It sounds like even if you are in a template or an uploaded document you should be able to assign the Fields to either the Role or the Recipient first and then drag the needed fields into place:

    Additionally, you can if you've uploaded a document and then added fields and all the Fields need to be assigned to one recipient, you can do this once you click Send Document > Send via Email; the system will prompt you to assign fields individually but at the top right you can click 'Assign All' and pick with recipient you would like to fill the fields. 

    More information on this can be found below:

    Additionally, if you have an uploaded document as a template with fields already in place you now have the ability to replace the source document (the uploaded document). You can find more information on that feature here



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    Cody Hallett

    I second this thought!  I won't ever have a situation where I don't want ALL of the fields filled out by the same person.  Having to manually set each and every one is very tedious.

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