How to keep the Image Library organized



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    Rocky Dohmen

    Hi Steve,

    Sorry for the delayed response. Unfortunately, the only management for the Image library would be to ensure proper naming before uploading. You can then search by name when adding an image to a template or document. 

    I would recommend adding your thoughts to our user voice section. The Dev team looks at this all the time and they work on the ideas with the most votes. You can add your voice here

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    Matt Nugent

    If you're a heavy high-res image user, you may want to consider using Canva, which integrates with PandaDoc and might give you what you need.

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    AnnaVija McClain

    I second this issue. I would LOVE for the Image Library to be viewable like the Documents or Templates, so you can folder the images into categories and inventory what you have more easily. 

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