Does the person I send a document to have to sign up to PandaDoc in order to sign the document?



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    Rocky Dohmen

    Hi Jake, 

    The short answer is nope. Recipients that receive a PandaDoc document do not have to sign up for PandaDoc in order to work with or sign any type of document.

    Once the document is signed and completed by all parties they have the ability to download the document, or you can set it up so that after the document is completed they automatically get an email with the PDF of the document attached. So they never have to come back to PandaDoc to find or read the document. You can find more on how to set this up here

    Also, we created this post to show what the recipient of a document sees during the process. 

    Hope this helps!

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    Jacob Fines

    Thanks for letting me know

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